Industrial Roof Top Exhaust Fans

Industrial Roof Top Exhaust Fans
Range: From 0.5 HP to 15 HP
Flow: 5000 to 50000 CFM
Sweep: From 18” to 40”
Application: Industrial Exhaust, Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Due to its capacity to effectively and efficiently remove air from a structure, allowing for the entry of fresh air, the Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan is probably the most commonly used type of equipment in commercial and industrial facility applications worldwide.

Sonika Engineers is a leading Industrial Ventilation Fan Manufacturers, providing customers with high-quality solutions for use in industrial settings. Our products are custom-engineered to meet the needs of each client, taking into consideration their budget, size, and airflow requirements. From commercial kitchen extractors to warehouse fans and specialty blowers, Sonika Engineers has the expertise and resources necessary to build a fan tailored specifically for your application.

Where a Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan is Used?

A Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan may be found in a variety of locations, including hospitals, schools, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, bakeries, paint shops, workshops, machine shops, parking garages, or commercial kitchens. These air movement & air exchange fans are often used by one or both of these facilities:

For adequate airflow, a wall-mounted exhaust fan or multiple wall exhaust fans should be installed high on the wall opposite of open doorways.

They are installed, whether they are roof exhaust fans or wall mount fans, solely for the purpose of eliminating stale, hot, damp, dangerous, or unclean air from the structure. When ventilation is done correctly, the design of a building will also permit fresh air to be drawn into the building through wall shutters, dampers, a supply air fan, or intake fans at the same rate as the air removed.

Why Use an Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan?

As each increased foot within your building causes a 0.5 to 1 degree heat rise. If a room has a 20-foot ceiling, the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling may range from 10 to 20 degrees. Hot air rises to the highest point during the summer heat season, and cold air normally rests at the lowest point or floor level during the fall or winter. In a country like India the heat may make industrial space stuffy, leaving your employees feeling sick. To take care of this Use an Industrial Ventilation Exhaust Fan if heating or cooling your storage space, workplace, or another construction site is difficult since it helps to regulate air easily .

Contact Top Industrial Ventilation Fan Manufacturers for Solutions

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